Clarity in complex processes


Interim Perspective uses proven methodologies to continuously improve profit organizations. Never a solution "from the shelf”; the advisors - with extensive management experience in the areas of ports, transport and logistics - will ensure that the method is applied correctly. Your business is therefore guaranteed a suitable solution for the short and long term, with focus on your practice.

Your people, the capital
Lean Six Sigma is one of the "tools" that we have used successfully for years. The method focuses on customer experience, customer satisfaction, reducing costs and shortening lead times. The knowledge and skills of your employees is key.

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Lean Six Sigma is used worldwide and is applied with proven and continuous improvement of the operating result. The framework of Lean Six Sigma enables organizations to be structurally improved. The approach is to aim on a thoughtful strategy to achieve visible results and constantly being ahead of your competitors.

Essence of our story
- Approach ensures less waste, lower costs and higher customer satisfaction.
- Effectiveness and efficiency of processes is increased.
- Continuous improvement in the organization.
- Issues are solved better and will be lasting.
- Return of investment is always a multiple of the investment.

Wondering what Lean Six Sigma can do for your business?
Contact our consultant Peter Nagelkerke. As an experienced business consultant he is in possession of the 'Black Belt'. Peter is a professional with a good understanding of the Lean Six Sigma philosophy and underlying principles. He can inform you - and your team –about the possibilities to achieve the required improvements. Your final conclusion will be: "It was well worth the investment!"

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