Clarity in complex processes


As a manager, you are expected to lead your team with vision and vigor.  You aspire to a team that works well and efficiently. But how do you get the best out of your employees? How do you grow as a manager or entrepreneur? The solution is Interim Perspective, the agency that helps you to get a complete picture of yourself as a person, in order to develop further as person and as manager. We use the Personalcolor personality profile as the basis for our accredited approach.

The Power of Personalcolor
Individual coaching is the best way to get more out of you. How do we proceed? First, you set goals during an interview with our one of our coaches. Next step is to create and complete your own Personalcolor personality profile. This is done online. You will receive a login code and you can answer the profile questions at your convenience. We ask you to invite colleagues and personal friends who will also complete the questionnaire on your behalf. This 360 ​​degrees approach shows how persons from your personal and business environment perceive you. This gives you so a complete picture of what we describe as your "social footprint”.

Your personal(color) behaviour
The results of your profile are described in a personal report. The report will use 4 bright basic colors, each with its own specific meaning. This causes an easy to interpret and usable report. Everyone has the 4 colors in them. Only the degree and intensity of the colors vary per person.

The colorful reporting will give you insight into your own personal(color) behavior; your strengths and potential development areas. Your awareness is further increased by the conversations you will have with a professional coach from Interim Perspective. You can use the gained insight immediately in practice. Regular evaluation sessions with your coach will help you to take further steps in your (professional) life and to achieve the set targets.


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