Clarity in complex processes


Within your company you have got many projects running. It is almost a challenge to continuously monitor or implement all of them, thereby setting the right priorities or simply to see solutions. At the same time you will find that you have not achieved the desired returns in some of them. Interim Perspective ensures - together with you - that the optimum result is realized.

How we do it

Employees and management are the capital of your company; they have the knowledge, each from their own discipline. Interim Perspective brings from different viewpoints, a clear overview and analysis. We provide the necessary creativity and structure in identifying and  selecting the (strategic) options. In addition, we perform a thorough feasibility study before (change) process is started.

Implementation of vision

After a sound advice we choose - in consultation with our customers - the new approach and start with the selected change process. Depending on your requirements, implementation can be completed under the responsibility of Interim Perspective or can be transferred internally. Whatever your choice, we remain involved in order to ensure the necessary continuity.

Lean Six Sigma

Interim Perspective uses proven methodologies to continuously improve profit organizations. Never a solution "from the shelf”; the advisors - with extensive management experience in the areas of ports, transport and logistics - will ensure that the method is applied correctly.


Management Coaching

As a manager, you are expected to lead your team with vision and vigor. You aspire to a team that works well and efficiently. But how do you get the best out of your employees?


Management Consultancy

Interim Perspective offers organizational consultancy and business consultancy. We have a suitable solution for every request.

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